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Backyard Adventures outdoor wooden play set.

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Relocation & Refurbs

Many of our customers call us because they have a play set they want dismantled, transported and reassembled at their house.  This process is commonly referred to as a relocation, and is a service Swing Set Pros also specializes in.  For some, purchasing a used swing set is the best way to go.  A well maintained used swing set..

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San Diego

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Safety - Surface

Safety begins with the proper assembly and installation.  We all know it, kids are especially hard on things.   Given the ‘abuse’ a swing sets needs to withstand, the more skill and experienced involved in a set’s assembly, the better.  Shoddy, haphazard work compromises the reliability of even the highest quality, best engineered sets...

Superior quality, Reasonably Priced,
from Santa Barbara to San Diego!

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Assembly Services

We build the “big-name brands” AND the “not-so-big” ones too! After our many years of experience, we’ve pretty much built them all.  Specializing in swing set and play set assembly has familiarized us with virtually every brand on the market. That familiarity has established our expertise. Expertise is everything when it comes...

Professional swing set and play set sales and installation

Serving Los Angeles, Orange, Ventura, San Diego Counties & Inland Empire

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